Peng Wang

Peng did his PhD in Shanghai institute of Plant Physiology and Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, with Prof. Hualing Mi and Prof. Yunkang Shen. He was inspired at the time by working on the cyclic electron transport of photosynthesis. He then moved to the University of Oxford to work with Prof. Jane Langdale after receiving a Royal Society international fellowship. He dedicated the postdoctoral time in Oxford working on the challenging C4 rice project, as part of the International C4 Rice Consortium.

After another postdoc work with Steve Kelly on transcriptional control of photosynthesis, Peng returned to Shanghai to start his own research group, set in the context of combination of developmental genetics and photosynthesis. His current research aims to understand the regulated formation of specific leaf anatomy and chloroplast structure, and how it adapts to host efficient CO2 concentrating mechanisms, with a view to support engineering turbo-charged photosynthesis for future crop improvement.

Qiqi Zhang

Qiqi has a BSc in Biological Sciences from Henan University where she studied Plant Science and Technology. She joined the lab in September 2018 as a PhD student to work on the regulation of C4 chloroplast dimorphism in maize leaves.

Email:; Tel: +86 21 54924299

Xiyu Zeng

Xiyu graduated with a BSc in Plant Sciences from Nanjing Agricultural University, having got undergraduate training on Seed Science and Engineering. She joined the lab in September 2018 as a PhD student and is now investigating the functional development of C4 leaf bundle sheath.

Email:; Tel: +86 21 54924299

Ting Zhang

Ting joined the lab in April 2019 with a background of cassawa genetics. She moved on to study the transcriptional regulation of chloroplast during seedling morphogenesis.

Email:; Tel: +86 21 54924299

Juan Yi

Juan got her BSc from Jiangxi Agricultural University before join the lab in September 2019. She is very keen to decipher the microscopic process of vascular formation in C4 leaves.

Email:; Tel: +86 21 54924299

Zhan Xu

Zhan joined the lab in March 2019 to do a postdoctoral project on leaf Kranz anatomy. He aims to understand how photosynthesis is incorporated into Kranz development.

Email:; Tel: +86 21 54924299

Jia Pu

Jia is the lab manager to look after everyone. He is also responsible in developing and maintaining the transformation pipeline, and helping with the field work. He became member of the group in September 2018 while contributing to set up the lab.

Email:; Tel: +86 21 54924299

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